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We Explain How to Apply for Cash Advances

Get the answers to the most commonly asked questions about applying for cash advances here.

How do I apply for cash advances?

You can request funds once you've found a lender. Typically, the provider will have an online application that interested visitors can complete. To find your provider, use our complimentary referral service. If you fill out our short, no-hassle questionnaire, we'll give you the name of one of our trusted lenders for free. We'll then refer you to the company's site, where you can find out how to fill out a cash advance application.

Does it cost anything to apply?

You will need to ask your provider this question, as the policies of every company are different. Generally speaking, most companies tend to offer free online applications, though this is not always the case. Our referrals to cash advance providers are always free.

I only need a few hundred dollars; do companies offer amounts this small?

Yes, there are those that offer loans as small as $100 and as large as $1500 (varies accordingly). The most common amount is about $500, but most brands are flexible on this as long as you meet the qualification criteria. These companies tend to offer loans in increments of $50-$100 in order to meet the diverse needs of their borrowers.

How soon will I know if I'm approved?

Every company will have a different approval process. Usually, providers will inform you of your approval status as soon as you submit your application (varies accordingly). The approval decision will tell you whether you qualify as a borrower and, if so, for how large of a loan.

What factors will influence my lender's approval decision?

When you apply for financial relief, your provider will determine your approval status based on your monthly income, employment status, bank account information, and other factors (varies). With most companies, the biggest factor influencing approval status is monthly income. Borrowers with larger incomes tend to qualify for larger sums than others.

When will I need to repay what I owe?

The term of your loan, or how long you have to pay it back, will be up to your lender. All have different loan terms, so you should consult with your individual lending company when you apply. Commonly, the balance owed will be due in full on the date of your next payday, but this is not always the case. Your lending company may give you a longer or shorter term depending on the circumstances.

How will I receive my loan?

Most providers use an electronic funds transfer to move the loan into your checking or savings account. Usually, the account to which the funds are transferred must be the same account you use for the direct deposit of your paycheck (varies). When your loan comes due, the company will also electronically withdraw the amount of the loan plus the finance charge (varies accordingly).